Arthritis Treatment in Noida

Arthritis Treatment in Noida

Life becomes challenging when someone experiences joint pain. One of the common joint pains is Osteoarthritis, known as Arthritis in India. One suffers from this pain when your cartilage starts degenerating, which works as a cushion between the bones of your joint, providing support and easy movements. And you experience the inflammation in your muscles. 

Arthritis Physiotherapists in Noida

Arthritis can happen in your knee, foot, spine and hips. This pain starts with a mild effect, goes to high severity and affects daily life work and movements. This is very common across ages, due to lack of exercise and lifestyle. But the ageing and the wear & tear of the muscle tissue is also one of the common reasons of this pain.


Very common symptoms of Arthritis are the redness and swelling near the affected joint area. There some others which can be also be found,

  • One can experience stiffness in the joint muscles.

  • Once the pain occurs and increases it might hinder your easy walking and movements.

  • With movement and pressure on the affected joint, you can experience the granting and popping sensations.

  • Arthritis can also affect your flexibility. You will experience pain while moving and using the joint. 

  • You will experience tenderness in your muscles and bones.

Causes of the Arthritis

Arthritis, joint pain that happens due to the degeneration of the cartilage, acts as a cushion to support your joint bones. When there is wear and tear; breaking down of these cartilages causes pain in your joints; knee, hip, spine and foot. 

  • Ageing is the most common cause of arthritis. As you age your muscle tissue degenerates, and the cartilage and cushion to your joints stop supporting the bones. You experience the pain.

  • Arthritis, also runs in the family. This problem is genetics as well. 

  • Due to sports injury, your muscle tissue near the joint gets damaged and regeneration gets slow because of swelling. You will experience the pain in your affected joint.

  • Accidents and fractures in the part of the joint, can also cause pain. This can be prolonged for a long time as the regenerating of the tissue takes its course of time.

  • Low immunity systems and poor diet habits also affect the growth of muscle tissues. 

  • Lack of exercise, wrong sitting posture, long-standing, overuse of the joint during sports activity. 

  • Overweight. Body weight can also cause joint pain, especially in the knee and foot. Because these are the weight-bearing body parts.

  • Inflammation in the tendons and muscles near the joint can cause redness and swelling which leads to pain.

  • Injury in ligaments. 

  • Hormonal fluctuations, are very common in women falling in the age bracket of 35-55 years. Where they experience a tremendous amount of Harmon change this might bring arthritis, joint pain.

How Physiotherapy Can Help in Arthritis

In the last few decades, Arthritis has been found very commonly in the young population, due to the lack of exercise and lifestyle. Including many other factors, wear and tear of the muscle tissues, degeneration of the cartilage, injury, accidents and many more. 

This pain can be cured without surgery with timely intervention and the correct kind of treatment, called Physiotherapy. 

Arthritis hinders everyday life movements, so the first goal of physiotherapy is the to relieve you from pain and to have easy movements.

After the diagnosis of the severity of your pain and condition, Physoitherapy experts will help you with,

  • Some manual exercise will be performed on your affected joint and massages will be executed to strengthen the muscles around that joint. exercise also works towards the rehabilitation of the muscles and tissue around the joint.

  • Experts after a detailed study of your medical history and condition, will customize your treatment specifically for the joint where you experiencing the pain.

  • The main focus of the Physiotherapy will be on, strengthening your tissue and the regeneration of the damaged cartilage. 

  • Experts will suggest, some body mechanics to focus on your body posture while working, sitting and performing other activities.

  • If you suffer from a heavy body weight. Effective diet plans will be suggested to maintain the weight to help with the pain.

  • Last but not least, you will be recommended to take lots of rest. Rastrick the usage of the affected joint, the healing is fast and effective.

 The physiotherapy treatment completely depends on individual to individual. The degree of pain, your lifestyle and age also play a great role. If you reside in Noida, searching a physiotherapy near me, you will reach out to us, at Kalyani, Health & Rehab Centre, in Noida.


  1. Can a physiotherapist help with arthritis?

Yes, physiotherapy is the right kind of treatment for arthritis. It helps in restoring, strengthening and rehabilitation of the muscles and tissue around the joint. 

  1. Can I massage my arthritis?

In arthritis, the experts will perform massage if required. It is always suggested not to perform any massage without the guidance and recommendation of your health caretaker. 

  1. What type of physical therapy is best for arthritis?

Occupational therapy is suggested for you to regain your daily work and relief from pain. You will be recommended some exercises to be performed for a speedy recovery.

  1. Is heat good for arthritis?

Use of heat, hot water baths and using hot pads will relieve your pain. But too much heat can also damage the tissue.

  1. What is the fastest way to treat arthritis?

Exercise, write amount of rest, weight loss, and hot and cold therapy, will help you in speedy recovery of your joint pain.

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