Joint Pain Treatment in Noida

Joint Pain Treatment in Noida

Physiotherapy for Joint Pain in Noida

Joint pain, the fact says that it is very common across ages. This ailment can be found in the age group as early as in the late 20s or mid-50s. The joint pain is caused, by wear and tear and at times inflammations of the muscles can also cause pain in the joint. Joint pain can worsen and disturb your daily life and movements. But the good news is this can be cured without any surgery, Physiotherapy treatment can help in treating you, under the guidance of a physiotherapist. In a city like Noida, you can find many physiotherapy care centres.


Before consulting a doctor, you can self-assess your situation. If you face any of these problems and the degree is severe you need treatment;

·         Mild and severe pain in your joints

·         If you experience severe swelling and redness around the knee cap and knee joints.

·         Any swelling and stiffness while walking or moving.

·         If you observe a popping and scranching sound while walking.

·         If feel the inflammations in the muscles near the joints.

Cause of the Joint Pain

·         The breaking down of the cartilage and the bone tissues, which cushion the joint. These breakages rub off the bone and cause severe pain.

·         Excessive exercise which involves heavy weight lifting, sports and usage of the lower body for all the workouts. This can lead to ligament strain, weakness and damage to the bone tissue of the lower back and hip.

·         Joint injuries after the accident or any trauma might also aggravate the joint pain.

·         Low immunity systems and poor dietary practices can also affect bone strength and cause joint pain.

·         The inflammation in the connecting tissues in bones and any damage to them can cause pain.

·         Hormonal changes, during menopause can also cause the weakening of the bone tissues and lead to joint pains.

·         Last but not least is ageing, after one crosses 50, the muscle and bone strength goes down causing stiffness and swelling in joints and leading to pain.

How Physiotherapy can help

Joint pain can affect your movements and everyday routine. Most of the doctors suggest that the joint pain can be cured without any surgery. The experts recommend, physiotherapy treatment.

The facts and many case studies have proven the positive effects of physiotherapy for bone, joint, and other muscle-related injuries. Reaching a bone joint physiotherapy clinic in Noida would be the first step towards the cure.

How Physiotherapy Works for Joint Pain

The physiotherapist will first do a detailed understanding and diagnosis of your condition. Your treatment plan will include;

·         Some manual exercises, massage, cold and hot therapy.

·         You will be taken through some exercises and methods, to strengthen your muscles, to regain flexibility and movement. Further, to reduce your pain and gain stability in your joints

·         The expert will use some techniques to reduce the stiffness and advise to body mechanics concerning postures, daily routine activities and how to manage weight lifting.

·         Massages will be performed on your affected joint to reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain.

·         Experts will suggest you right kind of dietary plan to regain physical strength. This will help in rebuilding the damaged tissues and ligaments.

If you reside in Noida, there are many physiotherapy care centres available to provide you best of the best treatment to relieve pain and get back to your normal movable life.


1.      When is the right to consult the Physiotherapist for Joint Pain?

If you have recurring pain in joints, stiffness, swelling and difficulty in movements you should consult a therapist.


2.      Is Physiotherapy treatment painful?

There shouldn’t be any pain, but since you are using the body part which is affected; might give you some discomfort initially. In the first few sessions, you might feel some soreness in your muscles, but this is a good sign of progress in your treatment.


3.      Is Physiotherapy Risky?

In initial sessions, you might feel some pre-existing pain and soreness in your muscles. This is very normal and a good sign of the effectiveness of the treatment.


4.      Is Physiotherapy good for joint pain?

Yes, it is very good for all kinds of joint pain. Doctors also recommend to go for physiotherapy which can cure your problem without surgery.


5.      Why to choose us?

We are a team of experienced and certified physiotherapists. Who come with years of experience and will provide undivided attention to your case.






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