Home Physiotherapy in Noida

Home Physiotherapy in Noida

Home Physiotherapy in Noida

Comfort and convenience, we all love, especially when we have pain, a physical pain, which disturbs our physical mobility. At the same time, for treatment, if you have to pay regular visits to hospitals or clinics, this might add more pain and discomfort.

In this state of pain, you would wish someone to offer treatments at your home; your familiar surroundings. One such treatment is physiotherapy. Home Physiotherapy, is that service, where experts provide services in the comfort of a patient’s home.

Who can one avail of Home Physiotherapy?

Aged, who are unable to move from one place to another. One who is physically injured due to some serious accident. Somebody suffering from lower back and sciatica pain, which hinders comfortable mobility.

If you have chronic pain, which has affected your nerves, muscles and bones. If you are one, who had a fracture and is facing challenges with mobility, you can avail yourself of home physiotherapy. People who had knee replacement or pain, and aftercare required. A person with heart attack and stroke. Sports injury, damage to your ankle, muscle pulls or deep spinal cord injury/surgeries.

Benefits of Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is suggested when the restoring, strengthening and rehabilitation of muscles and bones are required after some serious injury or prolonged illness related to bones, muscles, heart attack or stroke. And if this treatment, given in your home comfort, will add more value to it and give faster results. Benefits of having physiotherapy sessions at your own home;

·         It saves your time in travel and avoids waiting at clinics.

·         If done in your own home, or familiar surroundings; it lifts the positive spirit and speeds up the recovery.

·         Family involvement adds value too, the caregiver can also learn the technique and help you with follow-up exercises.

·         Patient gets undivided attention.

·         Reduce the mental stress of going out of the home, with all physical pain.

How does home physiotherapy work?

A professional and experienced team or an individual will visit your place to do a detailed study of your case after you approach the Physiotherapy Care Centre. There are many such centres in Noida They will understand your limitations, and closely study your muscles, bones, nerves and medical conditions, based on that they will design a special plan of treatment to be taken in your home comfort. This is done by a certified professional physiotherapist, in your familiar environment. You can contact a physiotherapy centre or at times your medical doctors only recommend one. Home Physiotherapy is done with all precautions and safety measures despite the in-home environment.


  1. Can physiotherapy be done at home?

Yes, it can be done by/under the guidance of a professional and certified physiotherapist. They study your case, medical history and physical limitations. This detailed study helps the experts to plan the number of sessions and treatments required.

2.      Is it OK to do physical therapy every day?


Yes, it can be done but also depends on your bodily conditions/injury. Initially, 2-3 sessions per week, can be planned for your treatment by your physiotherapist. Later, he/she might suggest some follow-up exercises along with his/her sessions if required, all depending on your medical condition and recovery rate.


3.      Should you feel pain during physio?


There shouldn’t be any pain, but since you are using the body part which is affected due to injury, chronic pain or surgery; might give you some discomfort initially. In the first few sessions, you might feel some soreness in your muscles, but this is a good sign of progress in your treatment. To help you with pain or discomfort physiotherapist might give you some exercises to be done other than the sessions.


4.      Can I heal without physical therapy?


If you are irregular or stop your physiotherapy session in between, this might hinder your recovery. This can also lead to some disruption in the blood flow to your surgical site or body part which was under the treatment. This will further lead to more complications and damage to you. It also may affect the recovery rate.


5.      How many days of physiotherapy sessions will I need?


The duration of your treatment depends on your medical condition and the kind of injury you had. As per the severity of your injury, the physiotherapist will design your sessions. This includes the number of sessions per week as required and follow-ups too. As your treatment progresses and you start showing improvement in your condition, your reassessment of your condition will be done, this will further help in deciding the future course of treatment and follow-up sessions if required.






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