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WELCOME TO Kalyani Health and Rehab Centre

Dr. Pankaj Singh has over 16+ years of experience in the field of Physiotherapy. He has worked with some of the most renowned surgeons in the country and have contributed various stages of his career in some of the top hospitals and sports institutions.

Your recovery is our success

Kalyani Health Clinic is not just a treatment center. It is beyond treatment and more about trust and healing. Each patients of Kalyani Health Clinic are treated with specialized techniques that guarantees complete recovery.

On-Call Therapy

Kalyani Health Clinic is located over 3 locations in the Noida Region and soon we will be available around the country. However, our reach is not just till clinics, but we have a large team of trained therapists who are available for on-call visits.

Kalyani Health Clinic

Body pain is a common issue that many people experience. Overexertion, improper lifting techniques, or sudden movements can strain or sprain the muscles, and body pain starts. In this case, we need physiotherapy which is increasingly recognized as an essential healthcare service in today’s society. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in managing pain without the excessive use of medications. Through various techniques such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and modalities like heat or cold therapy, physiotherapists help alleviate pain caused by injuries, chronic conditions, or post-surgical recovery.

If you are looking for a Physiotherapy center in Greater Noida, you have a big opportunity to join us. At Kalyani Health and Rehabilitation Center, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal physical health and well-being. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate physiotherapists is committed to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment plans to meet your unique needs.

We are passionate about empowering our patients with knowledge and understanding of their condition. Our physiotherapy center is equipped with modern facilities and advanced equipment to ensure effective and efficient treatment. Our clinic is one of the best Physiotherapy clinics in Noida. We create a comfortable and welcoming environment where you can focus on your recovery.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or looking to enhance your athletic performance, we offer a wide range of physiotherapy services to address various conditions. Our services include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy, acupuncture, and more. Our experienced physiotherapists are trained in providing effective treatment and rehabilitation for the following areas:

Neck Physiotherapy: Our neck physiotherapy focuses on addressing pain, stiffness, and mobility issues in the cervical spine. We employ techniques such as manual therapy, exercises, and postural correction to alleviate discomfort and improve neck function.

Back Pain Physiotherapy: Back pain is a common concern, and our physiotherapy treatments aim to relieve pain, improve spinal alignment, and enhance core strength. We employ a variety of modalities, exercises, and manual therapy techniques to target the underlying causes of back pain.

Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy: Whether it’s a rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, or shoulder impingement, our physiotherapists have expertise in treating shoulder pain. We use a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and shoulder stabilization techniques to reduce pain, restore range of motion, and improve shoulder function.

Cervical Physiotherapy: Cervical physiotherapy focuses on addressing conditions affecting the cervical spine, such as cervical spondylosis, disc herniation, or whiplash injuries. Our treatments include mobilization, strengthening exercises, traction, and posture correction to alleviate pain and improve cervical spine function.

Slip Disc Physiotherapy: A slip disc or herniated disc can cause significant pain and discomfort. Our physiotherapy treatments for slip discs involve gentle exercises, traction, core strengthening, and postural correction to relieve pressure on the affected disc, reduce pain, and facilitate healing.

Sports Physiotherapy: Our sports physiotherapy services cater to athletes of all levels, from recreational to professional. We provide specialized assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation for sports-related injuries, aiming to optimize performance, facilitate recovery, and prevent future injuries.

Take the first step towards a healthier and pain-free life by contacting us today. Our friendly staff will assist you in scheduling an appointment and answer any queries you may have.

We look forward to helping you on your path to optimal health and well-being!





Kalyani Health and Rehab Centre(KHRC) is one of the leading medical clinics in Delhi/NCR. It is located in Greater Noida and is run by Dr. Pankaj Singh, he has more than 16 years of experience in Physiotherapy.

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At Kalyani health and rehab centre ( KHRC ), we offer the best ENT treatment, the Department of ENT at our clinic has the best technology and skilled specialists to deal with diseases in the Ear, Nose, and Throat.

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At Kalyani health and rehab centre, we offer best-class orthopaedic treatment that can also treat all kinds of disorders and injuries of joints and bones.

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