Tennis Elbow Treatment in Noida

Tennis Elbow Treatment in Noida

Tennis Elbow Treatment in Noida

What is a Tennis Elbow

The tendons are the bands of tough tissues that connect the lower arm muscles. If you experience any kind of swelling in these tendons, you will have pain in your elbow or arm. This swelling can occur due the overuse and pressure on the thumb and first two fingers or repetitive activities of gripping. As the name suggests, this pain is not at all related to playing tennis. This can happen to anyone at any age, but very common with people in the bracket of age 40.


In tennis Elbow one experiences acute pain in the elbow and lower arm. If the pain is severe, it may cause swelling in the lower arm and the wrist. One can also experience the following symptoms:

  • When the tenderness around the bony knob of your elbow degenerates, it causes pain in your arm & wrist.
  • Frequent movements of the arm and wrist will cause you pain.
  • At times you feel pain in your upper arm also, if you lift something.
  • You will feel pain while making a fist and grip.
  • Shaking hands, opening and closing the door. The injured bony knobs of the tendons will get affected during these activities and can cause pain.
  • If the pain is severe, you will notice swelling in your lower arm and some of the parts of the upper arm.


The tennis elbow develops over some time, initially, the pain can be taken as a very common pain. It is a condition in which the muscles slowly start degenerating due to the overuse of the exterior tendon.

Physiotherapists will check your past pain history, they will examine your neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, movement of your thumb and fingers. They will take account of your daily activities, to check the pressure you put on while doing your work.  If the pain is more, you will be suggested for some tests like Ultra scan, X-Ray or MIR. There are many Physiotherapy centres in Noida.

How physiotherapy can help

The major goal of physiotherapy is, first for most relief of pain and the reduction of further inflammation. And helps you regain your muscle strength back and perform your everyday activities without any discomfort.

·         Health experts will first study your case history. After understanding the severity of your pain, your treatment will be designed. This will include the number of sessions required and the kind of exercise to be done.

·         They will even examine your other body parts which might get affected by this pain, like the neck, shoulder and upper arm.

·         At times, when you are at the very beginning stage of your pain, experts might ask you to give rest to your hand and avoid some heavy activities or lifting anything from that hand. This in turn help in generating the damaged tissues of the bony knob and reduce pain.

·         To provide some support to your elbow and wrist, to restrict the movement to give relief in pain, a physiotherapist might suggest braces or splints.

·         If the pain is acute, along with some painkillers, you may have to undergo some stretching exercises.

·         Tennis elbow is a very self-limiting issue, at times if the pain is not very severe, just giving rest to your hand can solve the problem.

·         So, book your appointment, if you are facing this problem. There are many physiotherapy care centres available in Noida.


  1. What kind of doctor I should see for my Tennis Elbow?

First visit your general physician, to get an understanding of your pain. After they examine, if required they might refer you to an orthopaedic and further some physiotherapies will be suggested if needed.

2.      What is the fastest way to cure tennis elbow?

Tennis Elbow generally gets cured on its own with a timely rest and some pain medicines. But if the pain doesn’t come down, the doctor suggests you for some physiotherapy and rest. Usually, it takes six months to two years to be cured, but also depends on the pain condition.

3.      How can I permanently fix my Tennis Eelbow?

Avoiding certain activities which give you pain, with some rest and at times pain medicine. Still, pain relief is not there, physical therapy helps and avoids the situation of surgery. But if the pain is very server surgery might be suggested again depending on the situation.

4.      Can Tennis Elbow be cured by physiotherapy?

Tennis elbow can be gradually cured by physiotherapy, where the goal of the treatment is to restore, strengthen and regenerate the damaged tissue of the tendons. Slow exercises with a physiotherapist will help you regain your strength.


5.      Can I lift weights with tennis elbow?

Till you are in pain, doctors will ask you to avoid lifting anything. This might put pressure on your wrist and damaged tendons, in turn, it aggrevate the swelling and pain.

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