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Physiotherapy plays an important role in all stages of life like childhood, youth, and old age. To reduce the pain of bones and tissues in the body, their treatment in a natural way without taking any medicines is called physiotherapy. Under this, the help of adapted equipment and different types of exercises are taken. Physiotherapy is also seen as a healthcare profession, with a specific focus on treatment to cure disease and disability.

Physiotherapy is a physical therapy that provides physical mobility to patients. Under this, physiotherapists mainly use manual therapy, kinesiology, electrotherapy, and exercise therapy. There is more than one physiotherapist in different cities in India.

In physiotherapy Greater Noida Our company Kalyani Health and Rehabilitation Center which is located in Noida is a reliable service center today. Here, apart from Sports physiotherapy, the patient is treated under Cardio physiotherapy.

Sports Physiotherapy in Greater Noida and Noida :

Sports physiotherapy is mainly an important part of physical therapy. Sports physiotherapy is necessary for any player to recover and work as soon as possible after an accidental injury or injury. Soccer, football, cricket, hockey, tennis, etc. are such sports in which players are more likely to get injured in the head, arms, legs, shoulders, etc. That's why much safety equipment is used in sports physiotherapy. Apart from this, getting proper cool-down exercises is also an important part of it. All the exercises related to this physiotherapy are done under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist. If we talk about Sports physiotherapy in Greater Noida then Kalyani Health and Rehabilitation Center is a great option. The best facility for a physiotherapist in Greater Noida is also available here for sports physiotherapy.

Cardio Physiotherapy in Greater Noida and Noida :

Cardio physiotherapy is such a physical therapy, in which mainly diseases and injuries related to the heart are cured. Under this physiotherapy, the blood flow in the heart is very easy and in a better way. By using this physiotherapy, the vessels of the heart start opening and the muscles of the heart also become strong. Cardio physiotherapy proves to be very beneficial for those who are suffering from heart-related diseases. Our center provides the facility of Cardio physiotherapy in Greater Noida. This area has the presence of the best physiotherapist in Noida having trained physiotherapists.


1. Can physiotherapists do home visits?

Yes, you can also avail of home physiotherapy services from our service center in which physiotherapists visit you at your home.

2. How do I find the right physiotherapist?

To select the right physiotherapist you need to see their qualification, expertise, and availability. Through this, you can easily find the right physiotherapist.

3. What patients need physiotherapy?

Patients with problems related to Lower and upper back pain, Arthritis, Shoulder tightness, poor muscle tone, Spinal cord injury, and Pregnancy-related pain in muscles and joints require physiotherapy.



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